Systematic Agility - making Agility make sense!

So glad you're here ... I'm Teresa Hatcher. I am located near Evansville, Indiana and give private, and group lessons (AKC, UKC, NADAC, USDAA) to those interested in a close working relationship with their dog. I've been teaching agility for eighteen years. I hope to use this site to showcase some of my students, family and friends - as well as all of the incredible animals that have graced my life.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy meeting my friends!

Professional Handling

 I also run dogs for others. Obviously this works best with dogs that I have trained and know well, so if you're interested in me training and running your dog, please let me know up front so that your dog's class can be tailored to what you want. Contact me regarding handling fees.


My first priority is...

Logan. I am a full-time mom and give agility lessons at my home on pretty much a full-time schedule.
               The best part of working for yourself is that your schedule can be fairly flexible.
                               The worst part of working for yourself, you can never call in sick & fool the boss!!!